Chat GPT seems to be the buzzword today and you might be wondering how some software has taken everyone by so much surprise, well read along to know all about it and how you can benefit from it.

What even is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a prototype artificial intelligence software that specializes in dialogue and written content. ChatGPT is an interactive program which is developed by the OpenAI research lab, it was launched on November 30, 2022, and even after its very recent launch it supposedly has over a million users. Basically, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence software that can write content like essays, paragraphs, articles, and pretty much any written content ranging from simple tasks to even movie scripts.

What ChatGPT can do for you

Imagine having a program that can give you the answer to anything you ask it- so like google then?- no not quite like google, think of a software that can give you a marketing strategy, investment research, create a Twitter bio for you(this actually happened), make a weight loss plan, and even be a personal assistant for you to provide mental health support!! All of this is now a reality all thanks to ChatGPT.

From a literary perspective

What you see above is an example of the power of ChatGPT, for context- a man who has poor literacy skills and is starting a landscaping business but has poor literacy skills and asks a mentor for help, the mentor created a GPT-powered Gmail account that could essentially turn his clients’ poor wording into full-fledged business emails and write it out for them. You can see that the client has poor language in the original text and how the ChatGPT-powered Gmail has converted it into a professional interaction.

This is a huge relief for business owners and many more people who have a hard time conversing and interacting with foreign clients and colleagues as this can help out in a free flow of communication.

As a personal assistant

One user tested if it was any good at providing mental health support and found it to be a lot better than any of the software he used in the past and was very impressed with the results, many people across the world may benefit from this, now obviously, this doesn’t substitute the need for therapists as it is merely a robot at the end of the day but one can imagine the possibilities this software is capable of.

We can see how software is slowly becoming more and more advanced and is extending its reach into the lives of a vast majority of people. And with the issue of it extending into the lives of the majority, the question arises- why it can’t be used in our smartphones and other portable devices- the simple answer to this question comes down to cost, these systems currently take a lot of computing power hence making it expensive and expanding it to a much larger consumer base where millions of user requests have to be fulfilled, it doesn’t make any sense to do that as of now as it will just be too expensive to sustain and the latency will be too high. Currently, 1 AI user request costs about 10-100x more than a normal google search.

What about humans?

With the such exponential growth of AI-created content, how will humans be impacted by all the changes taking place?

A few years ago it was content writers and translation professionals who were impacted and now it is artists and designers, with the growing use of AI-generated art, demand for handmade art has gone down which in turn has also lowered its value by increasing the supply of artwork in the market.

Many white-colored jobs will be affected as they will continue to improve exponentially as they are improving in times of today and will end up replacing many human jobs in the market as they will be a lot more cost-efficient and have a higher performance cap. 

Any company or organization will use AI to improve their performance no matter how many jobs they have to lay off, however, the people whose jobs are at risk can benefit from this “AI takeover” by learning how to harness its capabilities and limits. With increasing levels of technology, the day is not far off our reach when most of the jobs done by humans will be replaced by AI and other technological advancements that occur in the coming future but with the oncoming technology if one learns and adapts to it this scenario can benefit them as new jobs will be created which involve the hiring of people who actually “operate” the AI, like in this case a person will be required who is proficient in handling with ChatGPT and knows how to get various results quickly.

Some other AI

DallE-2 is an AI that converts text prompts into art and now there are developments in AI that converts text prompts into video as well and the development of this AI is being done by google so you can imagine how quickly this might and will scale up. Here is a video link to see what it looks like-

This is still in the infant stage of development and considering the exponential growth of AI technology we can expect it to be perfect within 2 years.

In the world of physics, AI helped optimized the quantum code to help create a simulated wormhole in a quantum computer, the name of this AI is “qubit”. You can imagine how fast and how far this will take humans within the coming times and we need to be prepared for it or we will be left behind…. 

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